Below you will find just a few samples of the marketing and media collateral I have composed. I have also posted samples of my writing, including grant text and website text, on my blog.

2014 Annual Report – Institute for Community EconomicsICE Cover

ICE brought me on to develop this report from start to finish, including concept, composition of stories and text, and design. I spoke with ICE beneficiaries from around the country, worked with ICE staff to understand its goals and impacts, gathered images and data, and developed a design that fulfilled ICE’s vision for how it wanted to present itself to its variety of audiences.


2013 Annual Report – New Jersey Community CapitalAnnual Report Cover

While at NJCC, I developed the concept and outline for this report and wrote its content, including four in-depth success stories based on interviews I conducted with those who have benefited from NJCC’s investments.  I also provided direction to the designer and the photographer, working to ensure that the images, numbers, and quotes we highlighted drew the reader to learn more about the work of the organization.

Newsletter – New Jersey Community CapitalNewsletter Cover

Every three months, I worked with my colleagues to compile NJCC’s most relevant news, with the aim of providing both concrete information and personal connection. The information I presented included program launches and milestones; events and publications in which NJCC shared its expertise; features on NJCC’s clients; new staff and board members; and research from around the field.


Op-Ed – Aurora/St. Anthony NDCRondo Op-Ed

In 2009, ASANDC was in the midst of a collaborative campaign to secure community benefits from a $1 billion light rail project being developed through our community.  I composed this op-ed in response to an editorial by the local newspaper, conveying why these benefits were so important and why the voice of the community needed to be heard.